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Before uploading photos, you have read and agree to all terms found in this site's "Terms of Usage" policies. 

Any profiles found by the webmasters or reported to the webmasters not meeting the set terms will be locked out from the site without notice. See below for the quick overview of the photo terms. You are limited to 3 uploads per day.

  • JPG, GIF (non animated), PNG and BMP only, equal to or less than 640x640
  • Your profile must have a chest AND arms photo at all times!
  • You can not post "Sexual Act" photos: photos showing semen "cum", oral or anal penetration.
  • Your dick can be shown hard or soft, but do not upload any images where you are touching your cock or balls unless your hands are obscuring them completely.
  • No photos of minors (anyone under 21 years of age in photo frame) even if the photos are of you in the 5th grade.
  • Only you can be in the photo nude, no other person or body parts can be visible in the same photo.

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